When it comes to picking out gym shorts, you shouldn’t just grab the first pair off the shelf. You’re looking for that perfect blend of comfort, fashion, and function. Imagine doing deep squats or lunges passionately and without any restriction from your shorts. That’s what you get from a great pair of gym shorts. And what about fashion? When it comes to working out, your style is just as important as your fitness. Champion Teamwear understands this and offers a wide variety of shorts that are not only functional for any workout but fashionable enough to wear out to get that morning coffee after hitting the gym.

Consider the types of workouts you do. Do you like to do intense interval training? Or are you more of a machine folder at the gym? Perhaps yoga is more your speed? Each of these activities demands a different support and flexibility from your shorts. Champion Teamwear offers a wide array of styles to fit your needs. There are long and cropped shorts, tights and shorts. You can also choose between a tight fit or more relaxed fit in many of their models. The great thing about gym shorts is that you can wear them for just about any workout you partake in.

Not only can you wear the ideal shorts for any workout you do, but they can also enhance your performance as well. For those who enjoy running, a lightweight and aerodynamic short is the way to go. For those who enjoy lifting, a more structured and form fitting short can assist in keeping proper lifting form. Some of Champion Teamwear’s models come with an internal compression liner that assists in muscle recovery and growth so you can push harder for longer.


Now let’s talk about fabric. When you like to push yourself, you need a short that can keep up. Choose fabrics that are light, moisture wicking, and quick drying. Champion Teamwear uses only modern fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable during those tough workouts such as burpees and sprints.

The fabric your gym shorts are made out of matters because it affects the overall comfort and effectiveness of your workout. Who wants to be in the middle of a set and have to deal with clinging or itchy material? Not you, we’d guess. This is where moisture wicking comes into play. Champion Teamwear’s moisture wicking shorts will lift the sweat away from your skin and onto the fabric so you can stay cool and focused even during the most demanding workouts.


Gym shorts are not just a form of apparel; they are your ally. The best shorts reduce chafing, enhance motion, and prevent excessive heating. Champion Teamwear custom gym shorts will give you the freedom and flexibility needed to concentrate on lifting that next heavy weight.


Your workout regimen doesn’t have to be one dimensional. You can complement your custom gym shorts with training singlets and jumpers to complete your athletic look. Champion Teamwear’s singlets offer complete and maximum airflow. Their jumpers are great for warming up muscles before a workout or even on those colder days.


Champion Teamwear takes the time to think about the little things. You will find convenient pockets to store your favourite training accessories, elastic waistbands for a customised fit, and even seamless curves to enhance your motion during those tough exercises. These small design features can go a long way in improving your overall training sessions.


Looking to stand out? Champion Teamwear’s custom shorts allow you to place your initial, a motivational saying, or even your gym’s logo on the shorts. It’s not just a simple workout short, it’s a representation of who you are and what you stand for.


You don’t want a pair of shorts that are going to fall apart after only a handful of workouts. Champion Teamwear custom gym shorts are made with the same toughness as you. They use durable materials and sturdy seams to create a short that will withstand even the most demanding workouts over and over again.


If you’re part of a fitness team or perhaps you have a company that would like to sponsor your team or gym, Champion Teamwear custom gym shorts are the perfect way to display those logos.


Now we get to the fit. This is purely personal. Some people like that tight, compression fit that acts like a second skin. Others like a more relaxed, loose fit short that allows more freedom of motion. The fit of your shorts is extremely important. You don’t want to be distracted during your workout by your shorts. You want them to enhance your every move. Champion Teamwear understands this. They offer a wide variety of sizes and styles so you can choose the best fit for your body type. You’ll find the perfect shorts that will make you feel like they were made exclusively for you.

November 08, 2023