Hey there, future football stars and soccer sideline cheerleaders! When you’re playing for your favourite team, there’s no better feeling than donning a custom soccer jersey that stands out from the crowd. Colours, patterns, and yes, numbers matter. Champion Teamwear understands that every young Messi and mini Sam Kerr wants to wear their heart on their sleeve (and jersey) when it’s time to take the field. Let’s explore the process of creating custom soccer jerseys for the kids who just happen to play soccer.

From A-League games to the neighbourhood park, soccer is Australia’s favourite sport. Champion Teamwear provides the professional feel of your favourite soccer team to the mini-me’s who just happen to kick around a ball. Custom coloured jerseys? Yes please. Name and number? Absolutely. It’s about representing Aussie soccer culture, one junior soccer game at a time.


Every young athlete wants to hear their name and number called out as they score the winning goal. We want to make that experience a reality, to the best of our ability. Champion Teamwear provides custom soccer jerseys featuring your child’s name and jersey number. Just like their favourite A-League players, our custom name and number jerseys raise the bar for junior soccer swag and performance.


A team is a group of individuals who play together. That’s why our custom team soccer jerseys focus on creating a uniformed aesthetic that represents one collective force. Champion Teamwear is all about outfitting your entire squad with quality apparel at prices that won’t break the bank. From your team logo to the finished product, we provide the complete team solution for custom soccer jerseys.


We need to talk about custom soccer jersey options. Every stripe, every colour, and thread matters. Champion Teamwear understands that a soccer jersey tells a story and dreams can come alive on the pitch. Our custom designed soccer jerseys allow kids to create the jersey of their dreams. Think jersey designs that reflect the style of your young athlete’s celebrations. It’s about crafting a unique look they will live, play, and possibly party in after the last game goal is scored.

Custom jersey design is a process. It starts with a pencil, a bit of inspiration, and before you know it, you’re thinking about the cuffs, the collar, and those signature side stripes. With Champion Teamwear’s easy to use online design tools, kids can upload artwork, change colours, and create a mock-up of the custom soccer jersey in a matter of minutes. It’s about letting teams get creative and settle on a pattern and colour scheme that stands out from the crowd and says, “We mean business.” When the custom soccer jerseys arrive fresh off the press and ready to be worn, there’s no better feeling than seeing those custom designs come to fruition.


One size does not fit all, especially in the world of youth soccer. This is the age of tailored fit and made to order team sports apparel, and Champion Teamwear delivers. Our made to order custom soccer jerseys fit young athletes properly, which means they won’t be adjusting their jersey when they should be playing offense. But tailored fit is just one part of the equation. Kids want to feel like professional athletes when they put on their custom soccer jerseys, and that’s exactly what our made to order jerseys provide. Something magical happens when kids don a custom soccer jersey with their name on the back and their number on the sleeve. They subconsciously become more confident players, and it shows in their game. That’s the beauty of made to order. Every thread and stitch is 100% customizable. Every hem is a battle plan. Every jersey is a chest of treasure that unlocks the potential within every young athlete. And they’re built to last through all the sliding tackles, dramatic dives, and celebratory high fives. Made to order custom soccer jerseys easily withstand the rigours of the soccer game.


Youth is a force, and it’s a force that makes soccer the exciting sport that we know and love. Champion Teamwear’s custom youth soccer jerseys reflect that reality. These jerseys aren’t just downsized adult jerseys. No way. They’re built for the sliding tackles, the all-out sprints, and the jubilant cries of kids who just happen to play soccer. The breathable fabric keeps youngsters cool as they weave through defenders and dribble around the opposing team’s goalie. The comfortable, yet elastic fit, allows youth soccer players the complete range of motion during those critical moments in the game when everything depends on their next move. And let’s not forget about style. Bright colours that stand out under the lights. Dynamic looks that appear just as good when tied up as they do when soaring through the air after a perfectly executed sliding tackle. With Champion Teamwear’s custom made to order youth soccer jerseys, young athletes can revel in jerseys that rival their passion and love for the beautiful game.


Soccer is a dynamic sport. There’s no doubt about it. That’s why players need to be adaptable when on the field. Custom long sleeve soccer jerseys provide youth soccer players with an added layer of protection during play in colder weather or when additional arm coverage is desired. But style should never be overlooked. Long sleeve soccer jerseys provide a sleek, professional aesthetic that many young athletes admire about their favourite soccer idols. Champion Teamwear’s custom long sleeve soccer jerseys blend this timeless soccer look and feel with the needs of modern-day players. Our long sleeve soccer jerseys contain all of the custom options available in our short sleeve jerseys, allowing young athletes complete control over the stylistic and artistic direction of their custom team apparel. So next time you think about ordering short sleeve soccer jerseys, consider the benefits of long sleeve custom soccer jerseys. Kids might prefer the added warmth, or they might like the professional look of the long sleeve soccer jerseys. One thing is certain, custom long sleeve soccer jerseys are quickly becoming the favourite in the junior soccer apparel market, and it’s easy to see why.


Who has time to drive around town in search of the right soccer jersey? Not you, buddy. Champion Teamwear sells custom soccer jerseys online. Creating your next custom soccer jersey is only a few clicks of the mouse button away. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your own home, sipping on a delicious smoothie, and creating your team’s next custom soccer jersey with a user-friendly online design tool that’s as simple to use as navigating your favourite social media app. It’s about convenience, options, and receiving exactly what you want, when you want it. No hassle, no pressure, just excitement as you watch your soccer jersey come to life on the screen and get shipped directly to your front door.


Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to don the jersey of your favourite professional sports team? Champion Teamwear sells customised professional soccer jerseys that bring the professional look and feel of your favourite soccer team to the youth soccer league. This is where performance meets swagger. We’re talking about custom soccer jerseys with all the trimmings. The cool fabric that keeps young athletes cool as they cruise through the opposing team. The cuts that allow youngsters to move freely and with ease during those critical moments in the game when everything depends on their next move. And the custom-made options that’ll make the opposition remember your name after you breeze past them and score that sweet goal in the corner flag. But here’s the best part, nobody needs to be a professional soccer player to wear customised professional soccer jerseys. Champion Teamwear wants all young athletes to feel like stars, and they provide the custom soccer jerseys that allow them to look, perform, and feel like their favourite soccer heroes.


February 07, 2024