Whether you play professional basketball or simply love playing pick-up games with your crew, there’s nothing like a good custom basketball jersey. Custom basketball jerseys help you (or your team) stand out on the court, promote team morale, and express your team’s individuality. Here are some of our favourite tips for designing custom basketball jerseys to create the ultimate basketball jersey for your team.

Choose the Right Colour Scheme

When it comes to designing custom basketball jerseys, the first thing you should consider is what colour scheme you want to use. What colours does your team sport? What logos or designs identify your team? You want your jersey to be recognisable and stand out on the court. We recommend using bright, bold colours for basketball jerseys as they help you stand out and promote team morale.

Add Your Team's Name and Logo

You’ll want to feature your team name and logo on your custom basketball jerseys as it identifies your team and promotes team morale. Your team name should be large and legible, and you may want to consider adding a larger logo to the front or back of the jersey.

Choose the Right Font

When it comes to designing custom basketball jerseys, the font you use for your team name and numbers makes a huge difference. You’ll want to choose something easy to read and that fits with your team’s personality. Bold, block fonts are extremely popular for basketball jerseys as they’re easy to read and look strong and athletic.

Consider Adding Player Names and Numbers

Another way to create a personalised, professional look for your custom basketball jerseys is to add player names and numbers. The numbers should be large and legible and featured on the front and back of the jersey.

Choose the Right Material

The material your custom basketball jerseys are made of also affects the look and feel of the final product. You’ll want to choose something lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking to help you stay cool and dry while you play. You may want to consider adding mesh panels or vents to increase airflow and keep you cool while on the court.

Don't Forget About Shorts

Last but not least, be sure to create custom shorts to complete the look. You’ll want to look for lightweight, breathable shorts with an elastic waistband.

Designing custom basketball jerseys is fun and creative and can help promote team morale and create a winning basketball jersey for your team. Follow these tips to create custom basketball jerseys that your team will love to wear when they hit the court.

March 15, 2023