Custom women’s basketball shorts are one of the main components in any women’s basketball team. They not only offer sufficient comfort and freedom in order to improve the players’ performance but also symbolise the identity of unity amongst teams on court. With Champion Teamwear, you can create high-class custom women’s basketball shorts manufactured according to your personal desires. Whether you need a unique design for yourself or multiple kits on behalf of the entire team, Champion Teamwear has fast shipping and no mandate about order quantity letting you be fully in control with your own designs without the need for any quotes. With such a high level of customization and convenience, your team can look great and feel right while dominating in the game.

Benefits of custom basketball shorts

Champion Teamwear provides a superior range of custom basketball shorts which are comfortable and also flexible. The shorts are manufactured from top quality lightweight polyester sports mesh weighing an impressive 175 gm. This fabric is light enough to provide the best movement on court whilst keeping players cool and comfortable during the game.

Our custom basketball shorts will include an unlimited number of design elements and logos without additional charges. This means that teams can really create their uniforms uniquely and portray their own unique style as well as branding. We also provide reversible basketball shorts for teams to have a choice of two different designs on each side. This gives even more options and possibilities in terms of outfit for your basketball team.

Aspects to be factored in custom women’s basketball shorts

When creating custom women’s basketball shorts, it is important to pay attention to the main functions that can improve performance and ensure comfort in playing on court. Champion Teamwear manufactures high-quality custom women’s basketball shorts made from lightweight polyester sports mesh, 150GSM with the weight of only 175 gms.

For our women’s basketball shorts we made sure to be practical, side vents and pockets are added for convenience during games as well as training. Women’s basketball shorts with individual design and sublimation art are offered for free as well.

The elastic drawstring waistband makes for a secure and comfortable fit. With Champion Teamwear there is no minimum order quantity and our fast shipping means your custom women’s basketball shorts can be delivered to you in just 15 days. Our 100% online platform allows you to fully control all aspects of your design process and eliminates the need for quotes.

Moisture-wicking properties to keep players dry and cool

Designed to actively pull sweat away from the skin and let it evaporate quickly, our moisture-wicking fabric technology leaves players feeling cool and dry. Apart from maintaining body temperature during the game, this also aids to avoid chafing and discomforts that impact athletic performance.

Our sportswear can achieve first-class moisture-wicking properties because we use special synthetic fibres and applied advanced treatments. With this technology embedded in every garment we manufacture, players can stay focused on the game without being affected by sweat or discomfort.

Incorporating team logos, mascots, or slogans onto the shorts

Planning on getting your team shorts personalised with a logo, mascot or slogan? With Champion Teamwear, it’s never been easier to develop a unique design that reflects your team. You can upload your artwork for PMS matching and customisation at no extra cost using our easy, streamlined online process. Just upload your logo, mascot or slogan along with the order and our team will make sure that the colours go according to the brand's identity. You can select from a number of modifications, such as where and how to display the logo or mascot, player names or numbers.

Using vibrant colours and eye-catching designs

With regards to colours and designs, the choices are endless. Pick from the various bright colours which will set your team apart from other competitors. Use attention-grabbing patterns such as strong stripes, energetic patterns or clean colours. Let us create customised templates that will embody the spirit and energy of your team. If you want bright colours, eye-catching designs and great quality custom basketball shorts then choose Champion Teamwear.

December 06, 2023