The process of creating custom uniforms online has never been simpler. Check out our easy 4 step guide to create your next kit.

  1. This is the beginning of your design that you can expand from. Think of this like a paint by numbers, but for creative and fun-loving minds like you. Then you get to add your own flavour with images, logos, and text to create the ideal garment.                                                                                                    
  2. This is where you get to unleash the inner artist in you. Showcase what you've got and put it all into the clothing of your dreams.

  3. Customize your kit the way you want to. Add your team logos, sponsors, player names and numbers. Whether you're a Phil In, Shaqtin Out or simply Soph or Jazzy. We're ready for you.

  4. This is where our automation begins. Once your order is confirmed and placed, it is automatically sent through to our production team to get it started in here. You'll be hoopin' and hitting the field or keys with your teammates in no time.