Here's the scoop, sports fans. Sometimes custom jerseys don't turn out how we envisioned and we've all heard those horror stories and maybe even lived them. You know, when the jerseys arrive looking nothing like you expected, leaving you wondering if they came from an alternate universe. But take heart! Here's how to avoid some common custom jersey pitfalls.

First the colours. You chose your signature blue and gold but received something more like turquoise and mustard. Not the look you wanted, right? Always request a physical colour sample so you know what you'll get. Digital mockups can misrepresent colours from screen to screen.

Next, the fit. You wanted sleek, pro-looking jerseys but got baggy parachute-like ones instead. Double-check measurements and sizing charts so this doesn't happen. If possible, order a sample jersey to try for size before purchasing the whole order.

The logo letdown. This is when the jerseys arrive and. . .

The logo on the jersey can be a letdown if it looks pixelated and messy compared to the nice clear one you provided. To avoid this, give the supplier a high quality vector version of your logo instead of using JPEGs or PNGs that can get distorted when put on fabric.

Another thing that happens sometimes is the jerseys don't come in by the deadline you expected for your big tournament coming up. To make sure this doesn't happen, plan ahead and order your jerseys with extra time. Make sure to be clear with the supplier about when you need them.

You also want to make sure the jerseys are good quality and don't fall apart right away. The colours might fade too fast or the stitching starts unravelling after one wash or the fabric feels bad. Do some research first on suppliers with a solid track record for quality and happy customers, not just the cheapest prices.

The last thing you want is the jerseys arriving with the team name misspelt! Here's the thing: the uniforms come in looking sharp - but then you realise the team name is misspelt and ugh. To avoid that cringe moment, triple check the spelling before finalising the design. Have multiple folks scan over it too, spell check isn't perfect. Simple way to save some embarrassment (and cash).

The Number Mixup

You thought everything was good to go but the jersey numbers are totally off when they show up. Maybe wrong font, weird placement, etc. To avoid the confusion, be really clear about what you want number-wise with the supplier upfront. Give examples of what you're envisioning and ask to see a mockup first before they start production.

Surprise Fees

You budgeted hard for the custom uniforms but extra charges pop up out of nowhere on the bill – setup fees, art charges, even a surcharge for a specific colour. To skip the financial gut punch, ask for a detailed quote with all potential costs before moving forward. That way no surprises when it comes time to pay.

Vanishing Vendor

You excitedly put in your order and paid the deposit but now the supplier seems to have vanished. No responses to emails, and every call goes straight to voicemail. To steer clear of this mess, stick with a provider that has a solid reputation for reliability and communication. Look at reviews and references from past buyers, and believe your gut if something seems sketchy

So in a nutshell - those are some of the most frequent horrors folks deal with for custom jerseys and how you can avoid them. Remember, putting in a bit of extra work at the start can rescue you from a lot of frustrations (and expenses) later on. And if you want to increase your chances of success, think about partnering with a reputable company like Champion Teamwear. They have the know-how, quality materials and customer service to make your custom jerseys feel like a dream come true instead of a bad dream.

One last tip - don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any concerns or need guidance. A good supplier wants you to absolutely love your custom jerseys.

So what's holding you back? Start crafting your ideal jerseys today - just keep these scary stories in mind as you go. With some smarts and care, you can create custom jerseys your team will be excited to wear for seasons ahead.

April 05, 2024